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How to play RoboKast RP

RoboKast RP: How To Play

So when you first join RoboKast RP, you are probably wondering "How do I play RoboKast RP?"
Here is a simple tutorial covering all of the basics.

The basic way in which you make money in RoboKast RP, is through experience. Experience can be earned from chopping trees, farming, and killing zombies. But the main way for earned EXP on the server, is by selling wood, metal scrap, and fish to the NPC's around the map.

Once you have 250 EXP, you can purchase your first RoboCoin! Go to /warp bank, can you can buy 1 RoboCoin for 250 EXP.

You can now use the RoboCoins to purchase shops and trade. You can purchase a shop from an admin at  /warp shops or /warp shops2. You can also travel to these places and visit other people's shops to purchase stuff from them.

If you purchase some items and you want to keep them safe, you can store them in a secure vault by doing /vault. The vault is the safest place to keep items. If you want to upgrade your vault to a bigger size, you can visit /warp donate to see the option available. 

Hope you guys enjoy the server!

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