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I can't join

Every time I try joining the server, whether by ip or server search, it doesn't show up. When I do the server list this shows up (GoldNormalManual), and when I enter the ip nothing happens when I click connect. I am gold, and I tried joining the normal too but it didn't work.
I also can not join
Hmm thats werid. Not sure what you can do then.
most likely its because the server is down or your computer cant connect to the server with your current connection
MasterYee0 the server is never down anymore because it is 24/7 and when they do take it down I'm sure it's not down EVERY TIME he tries to join. You may be correct that his internet can't keep up with the server or perhaps it's just a Unturned Account issue. It's also possible his computer cannot download or construct the mods and custom workshop items such as the parking passes and robocoins.
and again
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I'm only listing other possibilities of why these people can't join. Smile

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