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My APC got destroyed in safezone by salty 4 man team

So basically me and mantas started playing on the washington server. We just setup our base and a four man team JewFish TheCure Widlyworld or something and another guy drove around in an apc. We managed to sneak up and steal it and drive away. We then drove it to the safezone at /warp bank to auction it away. But then one of the guys we stole it fro mstarted shootign it with a shadowstalker. We didnt know what to do so as u can see on the picture we tried to hide the APC. But they blew it up inside the safezone anyways. The car was at 71% health before we drove it to the safezone!

Pic of the APC blow up next to bank:
Its a little blurry cuz steamcloud didnt work and i had to use gyazo sorry about that.
Boi I am sorry to hear that your apc was destroyed. This has been abused before and most people hate it, including me. Although it was in a safezone, it appears in the picture that their was no pass (I may be mistakining) so therefor it was not insured. It may have had a pass behind the billowing smoke from the destroyed engine, but as far as I can tell we cannot provide you with a new one because of a lack of intel (At least that's what I know at the moment).
Have a great day Smile

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