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Hoodiewaffles Moderator Application

1) How old are you? (14+)

Answer: I am 15 years old.

2) How many hours do you have in Unturned?
Answer: I have 777 hours exactly. I have been playing unturned since 2.0.

3) Have you ever been staff on an Unturned server? If so, what server.

Answer: I'm not sure if this would be considered staff but I do own my own server and I have some mods that help me run the server. My server is named Hoodie's Server and is a Custom Vanilla Server! I have been running the server a lot lately but like I said I don't even know if this would be considered staff.

4) What timezone do you live in?

Answer: Pacific Standard Time 

5) How often can you get on the servers?

Answer: I can get on the servers mostly everyday of the week from 6pm-9pm on weekdays and I am on at different times during the weekends. Mostly from 10am-3pm on the weekends.

6) How long have you played on RoboKast RP?

Answer: I have been playing on RobokastRP for 4 weeks. I have about 70 hours in the server.

7) Do you have discord?

Answer: Yes, I have a discord.

8) Why should we choose you to be part of our staff?

Answer: You should choose me to be apart of the staff because I like helping others. I also like being part of a community and making it thrive. When I get an opportunity to help anyone I will 100% take that opportunity. Whenever I can help anyone it makes me happy. I can also cooperate and get jobs done while going through stress. I also look towards the positive things in life. Something else I'd like to add is that I usually learn from my mistakes and I will never do what I did wrong again. [Image: wink.png]

9) Which server do you play on the most?

Answer: RobokastRP Russia #1

10) Post a link to your steam profile

hey dude , i suggest you change the title of you app
(02-13-2017, 08:17 PM)frosteon Wrote: hey dude , i suggest you change the title of you app

thank you for the suggestion!
I dont think we need mods on number 1 we have 2 already
(02-13-2017, 11:47 PM)nate.ruscitti Wrote: I dont think we need mods on number 1 we have 2 already

Any server is totally fine with me, sorry for not replying in a long time...
I see you with that wink lmao
The God Will Nerver Return
Im writing this message who ive talked to and knew Kinda. I could use VPN but I think the RKRP server should stay in peace. So thanks for the experience

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