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Player iGametress

I was at the military base and I wanted to setup a base there. I already had a bed. I went to get wood but when I came back person iGametress was camping my bed. I died and I offered him 2RC for my stuff. He accepted, we met at the bank he gave me a lot of my stuff, but not all. He even admitted he didn't give my grenade, and tried selling it to me for 1RC.

I don't want this player banned or anything, I just want him to know the rules and to give me all my stuff back when we made a deal.

Thank you for reading this
Well I see nothing wrong with this. The guy made u a offer for he had your items, making them his. He has the right to not sell "his" items and decided to keep the items. U should be greatful he is willing to sell some of the items back for most of the time u would be killed and lose everything.
As far as I know from what you have provided, I can conclude that this is intirely legal and there is nothing wrong with this. He has the items so he is the one who can shift the deal. 
Have a great day Smile

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