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Admin Abuse ?

So me an Kphung4 were heading to Zavod , when we see Kirmin (or something like that) said something about admin abuse because he got killed by MiniBruh (insta tp , insta kill) . I take it as a joke and i say in chat abooose .
Next thing i know is i lost connection to the server and got banned for a long time , no reason at all.
Could MiniBruh admin abuse this whole thing ?

EDIT EDIT EDIT : MiniBruh is curently on the server with : blueshoes and Froste , 5HADOW , They are the only one on the server
Yeah I Got Banned For A long Time He Came Out Of No Where To Became A Admin The Minute He Became Admin I Got Banned Me and Banana!
Same, I was shooting some guy and randomly disconnected, also getting banned for 1 year.
Don't worry, everyone who was banned has been unbanned, Minibruh has been banned from all servers, Bouncy (the one who gave minibruh the powers) has been banned as well, and all assets that were on you cannot be returned for we have no evidence of what specific items you were carrying. Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy RoboKast Semi RP.
Good thing is that i had a empty inventory haha Smile) . Thank you for the replay , but i have to ask . Why Bouncy gave MiniBruh admin in the first place ??
Bouncy just didn't give a fuck about the server anymore cuz he never got on, so he gave minibruh admin cuz he knew mini would abuse the power. Bouncy had no particular reason to do what he did, he just wanted to go out with a bang I suppose.

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