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Tachy hacks

So the story is...

I went to a city i died
then a shutdown happened
i joined back
and went for my items on my way there
i saw a lot of people just fighting
I went to a fight too for my items
I died of a punch
I went there again and everybody there dead and no loot (Tachy job)
I saw someone and we wanted to kill tachy
Then someone else came my friends friend
We talked and thought how to break into his base
Then he gave me a gun
Tachy came shot my friend with a shadowstalker
I was scared used my gun on him like 10 shots 
My gun was strong it was a sniper
still it took 10 shots for me to kill him
He was dodging and coming for me
I shot another bullet at him and he died
I told my friend to come to me (tpa)
We looted him and he had 2 shadowstalkers with like 20 rails (Ammo)
We were surprised 
But boom he appeared out of nowwhere
Killed my friend again and he shot me with a shadowstalker 
I didnt die i was so scared i runned into water
And shadowstalker started shooting so fast like 2 bullets per second
I died

The end
Please ban this hacker (Tachy) Btw he has almost 4k evil reputation
Hope you ban him
If you dont have actual evidence dont make a report its useless.

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