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A New FightClub IDEA

Ok so Hey, Im a Pandahut RP Super Moderator and we always have this thing called Fight club for Extra bamboo,  Now making this with RC Ok so what happends is where every now and then Admins will build a Small arena and Some Players / Fighters Can bet on their self or Players can Bet on The Fighter so say if  there is - Chicken213 Vs Noodle69 A Player bet's 100 RC On Noodle69, Noodle69 Wins! The player(s) That bet on him Doubles their money they put in so the Player who Betted on Noodle wins - 200 RC Back.

Another system is - Fighter bet their Money so say if   WipWip2334 Vs SixtySix66 They would agree on ammount of RC To bet in so.... They both give an admin hosting it The ammount so say 200 RC Per Fighter They both give it to The Admin, Then say if SixtySix66 Won the match he would get 400 RC ... 

Thanks for reading this.

And lol Check out my Application ive been waiting too Long Big Grin
This is just arena
Great idea! It is similar to the arena that we currently have, but we could definitely use a smaller one. I will also look at your application now.

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