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Loot, die, repeat

The server follows this track over and over again.

1: You go somewhere and loot stuff
2: Someone finds you and kills you
3: you repeat it.

It get's really boring after a while and I can't find a way to prevent that.

But that is just the PVP part right? There's also that RP part. Wait, what RP part?

The economy is worse than anywhere in the world. Everyone want's robocoins so that they can buy a shop. Nobody wants to buy stuff because they can lose it easly and most people can't afford it. I've tried everything, being a builder, lumberjack, merc, shopkeeper, and nobody wants my services. In fact nobody wants anything else other than to sell stuff.

Also in order for people to buy something you need to get some REALLY good stuff. Then MAYBE someone will buy it. And getting that rare stuff is not easy, because good loot places are swarming with end-game players and the PVP part happens again.

Let me use an example here:

One guy found a helicopter. He wants to sell it. He can't sell it in first few minutes so he goes and get's a license so that he can park it in the safezone. That costs him so he asks for more money for the helicopter. Because helicopter costs so much it takes him a few days to sell it. Then the guys that bought it is swearing in the chat, because somebody killed him and took his helicopter. So it took 3 days to sell something just so that someone else can get it by killing the new owner.

I just want to know opinions of other players about this. Has this ever happened to you? Do you feel like there should be a change? And if so, what change would you like to see?
Then leave. Its semi rp for a reason. The economy is used to buy many items, dont like it then go to a full rp server. Or train on your pvp and get better.
(02-11-2017, 06:39 PM)nate.ruscitti Wrote: Then leave. Its semi rp for a reason. The economy is used to buy many items, dont like it then go to a full rp server. Or train on your pvp and get better.

1. I don't want to leave. The server is still pretty addictive
2. There is like 90% PVP and 10% RP. That can't even be called semi rp.
3. What exactly can you buy that can't go away in few days (apart from shop, but you said many thing so I expect you have a list Smile )
4. I don't want to go to a full RP server, because as I said this server is addictive and can be fun, I'm just trying to express my opinion
5. Training myself solves the problem for me, not for everyone. If everyone would do that, we'd be where we started.
6. I never stated that you can't buy stuff for RC, I said that most people want to hoard it, rather than spend it, because the amount of work required to get the RC is not even close to being equal to the quality of the bought item.

I just wanted to know if other players feel the same, or if it is just me. But what I've got is an admin telling me to leave. How about you express yourself as a player, rather than as an admin? Could make you look a bit friendlier  Smile
I get what u mean, and I do wish RoboKast would reduce how much it is to get one RC. A new mod on the workshop was implimented about silver and gold currency and I'm hoping RoboKast would consider the idea of crafting RC using this new mod or at least move down the price on RC. To buy the smallest of things like a attachment is usually sold not by 1 but 3 attachments cuz 1 RC is already so hard to obtain. The server reset will occur on the 15th of Febuary allowing everyone to start off equally.

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