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Discord ban appeal

I was banned on the discord foe posting a picture in chat even though it wasn't inappropriate. Spaghetti saw it and laughed at it then made a joke about it. The picture was also my avatar then I post it in chat a few minutes later and next thing I know i'm banned and I cant join back. If the banning staff has a problem with the picture then a warning would have been nice then I would have deleted it and taken it off but instead I was banned. I use that discord for valuable information about the server. I would like to be unbanned, Thank you. Here's a link to the picture I had I do not see an issue with this picture the man is not showing any genitals. I also attached the photo

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The man is not showing his genitals but still he is basically naked. Also he is holding a gun, and people the picture as Inappropriate or Suggestive.

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