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Nemesis is an Abuser

I am tired of Nemesis abusing in all of the robokast servers. I had 2 times that this has happened where he abuses. The first time i was in server #2 driving my car in safezone and he came up and blew it up, So i responded and said "what did you do that for ho" and he kicked me. I let it slide but today was my last straw where i am going to let this fucker abuse. I said to some kid to stop spamming like a shithead and then nemesis said that it was disrespect and it was "his job" to do that then i told him he was doing a shitty job at it and he kicked me. Fine. When i come back in the game he kicked me again with no explanation. Please stop letting this bitch abuse. Smile thank you - clumi
He has all the right to. He is head admin for one, and two dont disrespect staff or players its easy as that.

Plus i doubt he blew up your car. If he did it either uad no pass or too many plates, were just driving in safezone instead of parking it

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