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Hello Its Me again Geoff

Hey there admins and mods(who actually really hate me)
so im now making a ban appeal and im asking about what is the actual problem....
iknow i made my fault of "attempting" for irl trading but i didnt.(BUT YEAH i attempted)
it says You may not sell in game items for real life money. If you do this, you will be banned forever"
then i didnt do the tade but i still go t banned
im just telling that why would nobody give me warnings cuz i havent read the rules ath the site i thought all the rules aws at /rules
i just feel irritated when i just opened the site for donating then i opend rules and i just recognize that i cat do irl trading(cuzits not at /rules) to be honest theyres a guy name bgothebear who caught me doing this and nvr warned me about this shit i talked to spaggheti and im kinda rude and im sorry about that spagh if ur reading this

Then my 2n cause is:
i use to play in with my 2nd account and somebody reports again that im using my 2nd account
Well it never said that we cant use our 2nd account for a secondary account its not even at the rules(/rules or in the site rules)
and they ssaid it was not right

AND I WISH ROBOKAST READ THIS DOu reeember me when u banned me for "duplicating items" when u have no prove and u legit know im playing with my 2nd account that s why u tp me to talk again(im in my 2nd account) and u said that u will unbanned me and u let me play with my 2nd account.

HAVE A NICE DAY keep up the good work on the server
-Geoff ur player for almost 1 year long Smile Smile

And btw can u give me another chance of getting me unbanned im really bored of unturned withot this server robokast thanks for the time have a great day(sorry man im being rude to spag)
Geoff they dont treat people equally So dont try and they will never see this cause they never check their website
(03-04-2017, 11:30 PM)NotPotato Wrote: Geoff they dont treat people equally So dont try and they will never see this cause they never check their website

but i trust 5hadow will be reading this...hes my daddy Heart

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