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bug report! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

with safezone 1 being more expanded on server #1 the safezone barrier causes players to dc when they drive out or walk out i have 100-120fps on ultra setting and the ping is real low for me... this promblem started 3 days ago ilost a plane due to it and a tank. which suck seeing i used my donation money to get alot of exp on the passes for my cars and then im losing it with no mod online to help.. kinda sad in a way i do feel screwed in a way but will feel more happy if you can fix this promblem.. this bug isnt only effecting me but other players as well which is odd that is only a few people i reinstalled my game and all the plugins still nothing... i tried turning graphics all the way down to the lowest even lowest resolution.. this bug is only on this server i went to other ones with higher ping and robokast#2 server it dose not happen. i think maybe start asking people to move shops to shops 2 and reduce shops 1 to its normal size. please help fix this problem! (and no this problem is not my internet i just upped my speed and box to best i can get so i shouldnt have no problems with i live stream on triwch or play tv.) Angry Exclamation Huh Angry

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