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A New Hide and Seek Idea!

Hey Robos,

So I am a Pandahut Global Moderator and RP Moderator.
And within Pandahut we have events, events are where we do special and fun games like what Clifford mentioned fight club and Hide & Seek and Protect the President etc. Adding onto Clifford's idea I want to create something like it or say add to it. I want to add the idea of Hide & Seek. Basically how it would work it we would have 2-3 people selected for seekers and anyone that wants to be a hider can play. The seekers get Desert falcons and Will search for the hiders for 5 Minutes. If they fail to kill all the Hiders the Hiders will get rc or items. Reply to this topic and tell me what you think about it! Checkout my Mod App!  Big Grin
Pandahut Global Moderator and RP Moderator
Applying for staff on the Sever!
We already do events. Occasionally we will do Hide and Seek and whoever finds the person hosting the event would win from 10 to 100 RC depending on how much RC they feel is appropriate. We also had a arena but it hasn't been rebuilt since the last restart.

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