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Ban Appeal. (I'm sorry)

Hello, my in game name is: Taco_Man or You're Bad. I also have an alternate steam account. So there is this big group, Alohasnackbar's group on server #2. Yeah we kinda dislike each other, but I wouldn't be this much of a dick without them getting the thing back. (hind) So I buy a grizzly from their shop, get some ammo and attachments and stuff, then I go on my other steam account. 

So I was on my other steam account, I grabbed my grizzly from my shop, I went on top of a hill, and I blew up their Hind. Then they came over to me because they could hear where the shots were coming from. They had proof. But, I could have just ran or suicided or logged off to not get caught, but that would mean that they would lose their hind, I didn't want that to happen, so I got caught on purpose. I just wanted to mess around with them. I didn't want to be a huge asshole. So yeah I let myself get banned so they wouldn't lose their hind, then Nemesis came on, they showed him the proof. Then boom. I'm banned. 

Now I was going on my main steam account REALLY REALLY hoping that they didn't ban my IP Address. So I try to log on and...

"You are banned from this server for another: 3195021. Reason: unspecified.  <----- something like that. 

And my heart stopped, I was saying in the Discord stuff like: "oh idc i hate Robokast's servers anyway." "oh I don't really care anyway" <----- Lies.
I actually love the servers and I would do anything to play on them again. I am very, VERY sorry for what I did and I swear on my mother's life I will never destroy a vehicle in the safezone again.

Thank you for reading my ban appeal. It would be awesome if I could play on server #2 again.

I would give him a second chance, I know what those guy did to piss him off like lying, betraying, and stealing things from him. Also if you give him a second chance I will keep a eye on him Wink. +1

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