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Racial Slurs

I was playing on the Washington server with a friend. People in the chat were saying hello and just chatting. [TRH] Bloomfield chimes in with just, the n-word. He used this word many times, and a couple of other racial slurs in the chat. I tried arguing with humor, to no avail. Then I explained that it wasn't right to use these words and how immature it is. He then teleported to the safezone at the bank, to mic-spam me. He kept saying "hey n***er lover, you're a  n***er lover, what is it like to be a  n***er lover?" and things of that nature. It was the most frustrated and angry I have ever been while playing a video game. This behavior is disgusting and deserves punishment. I will not play with people who spew hate speech and act like that, ever again.[Image: THvPo]


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