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NPC Contest (Illegal Berry Dealer)

Ok listen, we need a Dark RP aspect to the server. BERRIES! Can u guys make a NPC that is addicted to berries and buys them for a expensive price. I think he should be in a very hard to get spot such as the Dead Zone or What was once Berry Hill. That way in order to make a profit, you'll need to farm, upgrade agriculture, get a gas mask, some filters, and finally locate the buyer to make the exchange. Some berries will be worth more while others like indigo will be less because of how easy they are to get. Leave a comment on other ideas for the dealer and make sure to rate and consult with me and others on this idea.
or we can make a mod and make the seeds only plantable in deadzones and sell it the the dealer
MasterYee0 just saying I'm pretty sure that there is no mod out there that ONLY enables berries to be planted in dead zone, meaning that they cannot be grown a clean fertile ground which doesn't make sense. U can add Berry bushes to grow in dead zones in the world editor, but if that happens it cuts off the public's access to berries. If berries were only found deep in dead zones it may cost more for filters rather than making money off of the berries. I think the cost per Berry should be somewhere from 25 exp - 75 exp depending on what type of Berry. The most important part that must be required if this idea is accepted is that the dealer MUST be in the dead zone in order to keep a balance and insure no one can get rich very easily. I believe that this berry dealer/addict should be located at Berry Hill because of the name and the fact it is still a dead zone at the moment.
Its possible to make berry's only grow in the dead zone just like how you can only play pump-jacks on dirt/grass you can make it so the berry's can only be placed on the dead zone terrain. But its possible for people to just grow thousands over a short period of time without taking a huge risk but then again making the dealer in the dead zone is a better idea. We can start a server wide event called "the berry hunt" making it so players need to sell as much berry's to the limited berry dealer that disappears/leaves after the event. This will make players raid bases so they can get to there berry farms, and when others are guarding there place and growing. We also start a police force to catch people with berry's but that would only happen during the event.
"The Berry Hunt" HAHA I Love it. Just make it a Christmas special event, OR EVEN BETTER make SANTA CLAUS the dealer. He needs to help deliver presents at night but can't stay awake long enough. He just needs a little boost if u know what I mean . . . no not adrenaline Santa needs some BERRIES! The more the BETTER!

And yeah I guess police COULD be a thing. The admins and moderators have the ability to see other peoples inventory, but the question is will THEY be willing to spend their time continuously searching people if they have probable cause. I mean, I would do it cuz it sound kinda fun to me but it should only be admins and moderators to show that they are cops and that they have the authority to search them. Also they should only be able to search in safe zones and towns.
This sounds like a great idea. Especially with the new underground terrain feature that Unturned has, it would be super easy to make an underground area.
The dealer could also have mafia clothing and a black bandana as a filter for the dead zone. I've also been thinking about him having the ability to sell Hell's furys rather than the man in the subway so that they are harder to obtain.
I still think the dealer should wear Santa cloths with a gas mask and buys berry's for a high price and sells snowballs and christmas barbwire/fences.
I like that idea too, but that is only if this will actually be a Christmas event or not. If this is going to be a permanent NPC then I believe we need one with mafia clothing, otherwise if this is just a Christmas event then let's make him Santa Claus. I'll be ok if he is just Santa Claus if he is a long term NPC because just imagine Santa Claus asking for illegal medication ALL YEAR LONG. I don't mind how this NPC is dressed, but as long as he is in the dead zone to keep balance and moderation within the server I see nothing else wrong and would love to see this addict on the server.
how about we keep your idea and make all the npcs on the server wear festive clothing during the Christmas event
but when the event is over they go back to there normal outfits

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