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NPC Contest (Illegal Berry Dealer)

So like how the NPC's are on the Liberator when a holiday event occurres. I like that idea as well but it would be extra unnecessary work for the admins to code into each individual NPC.
who says the admins have to do it i can do it if i have permission to edit the map with the map editor
I highly doubt it. I know how to make NPC's with specific clothing and dialogue because of the power of YouTube. I'm sure they wouldn't trust you or me with the addition of another NPC because in order to give you permission to the map RoboKast would need to enable everything to you, and one small mistake is all it takes to ruin the server. When you hit that save button there is no going back. And besides RoboKast's server, RoboKast's map.

Also they don't know who you are. I think you're a trust worthy guy, but the admins won't let someone they barely know have the power to delete everything on the map and save it so that they would have to reset the map and make everyone lose their gear. If I had the opportunity to remake the RoboKast server I would take that opportunity without even a second of thought. For all they know you and me are trolls ready to ruin everyone's day.

Btw I think this is the first thread that has enough comments that it needs a second page. Smile
I have played on the server beforehand:

look at 5:57 thats me
(also I didnt know robokast was recording and was wondering what he was doing)

during that time I made friends with the admins and have made a video for them to help on the building ideas:

so trusting me isnt gonna take a long time or thought.
Sure, we can TOTALLY trust you. Just kidding man I liked that Unturned build video and you seem trust worthy, at the moment. Smile
In a world, where people need to work to be trusted......
Whenever I trust someone 75% of the time I'm either shot or have my skull beat in by a naked man wielding a rake.

Just a normal day of Unturned
close combat with guns is impossible even against a rake?
nerf the rake plz
Haha yeah I'm just saying in the past I trusted new spawns and every once in a while you will come across one that is thirsty for blood. Now I shoot on sight, but if they are unarmed or if I don't have anything to lose I go for a friendly approach. But sometimes it's safer to get rid of potential problems rather than possibly start one.

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