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Read if you can

I've left the Robokast community for more than 6 months now and I've seen what path the semi-rp servers are taking but there's just a lot of issues (when I mean a lot, I mean a lot) that's losing the purpose of the server. I can't cover all these problems or they could be on the complaint page, however, I would put this on suggestions to see if anyone is interested in my ideas and perspective on the entire semi-rp idea.

From the very beginning, it's was very new. No one thought of this idea and brought up many ideas. Then it started to crumble slowly in the wrong direction. First people had to rely on the outdoors and out of safe zones to gain an economy only to be hunted by the 'superiors'. This idea relies on the semi-rp but it only takes out the RP. No one can socialize anymore and shops were used as gang houses or warehouses. Bases were easy to raid and no one can play properly. Only the rich and strong can play the game...

Not only speaking to the newcomers, but the servers are too hard to understand. The economy is as complicated as to other mechanics of the server and no one can survive a day without being killed by a 'superior'. People who had cash or tons of time can get stuff very quickly, but the progress road is too small and they cannot get anything out of the server anymore. The newcomers would struggle to play in the server and progress would be way too slow. In the end, all the work would be a waste when the monthly purges occur...

Player counts on the servers have been dramatically decreased for the past 6 months and the oncoming servers are just a complete waste. I would suggest if you can get your fans to appreciate the technicality of one server and gain popularity then you can get the support of more servers. The saying goes "You can either do one thing perfectly or many others badly". Thus being said, most players are veterans. They know how to play the game but aren't encouraged to share it with other people. There are so many ideas people can give and you can't please them in their need. Think out of the box. Explore more opportunities and not just stick to one goal for the long term.

I suggest you start a new, redo everything and make a fresh restart. There's no point into working to something that's losing popularity and interest if you want it to stay in long term. Don't say you cannot do it, is there a choice at all to save it? The focus right now is incredibly poor, and if you want to keep hosting these servers in the long term best you do something about it. My group agrees that it needs refinement or a complete change, so keep the originality, listen to what your fans say and you can get the popularity back. If you need money, persuade why the people should pay you.

Don't waste their time, let them enjoy their time.
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. What are some of your suggestions to help improve these issues that you are talking about?

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