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Jewfish Staff App

1) How old are you? (14+]
Answer: 16 years old

2) How many hours do you have in Unturned?
Answer: 650 hours

3) Have you ever been staff on an Unturned server? If so, what server.
Answer: 1 unturned server it was called LatinWarriors it was a latin server  , i used to be moderetator on 3 minecraft servers each with 1000+ Players 

4) What timezone do you live in?
Answer: Colombia UTC -5:00 Est

5) How often can you get on the servers?
Answer: Almost 8 hours a day 

6) How long have you played on RoboKast RP?
Answer: Been playing for 3 months 

7) Do you have discord?
Answer: Yes i have discord / Skype / teamspeak3

8) Why should we choose you to be part of our staff?
Answer: Because some people might said that im toxic but im a really good person , i really like robokast community i can apport really good vibes to the community with my knowledge of how to be a really good staff member , Im a really helpful guy , i always want the best for the people , i think the community is getting bigger and bigger and i like to be one of the persons that help this community grow being a great staff member , Im a good unturned player so i know what problems players have to deal with so i can help them with their problems , im a really fair person and a very friendly guy.

9) Which server do you play on the most?
Answer: RoboKast Semi Rp #1

10) Post a link to your steam profile

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