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Jom2430's Moderator's Application (UPDATED)(10/4/2017)

Big Grin 
1) How old are you? (14+)
Answer: 13, But i speak good!

2) How many hours do you have in Unturned?
Answer: 1000+ hours now.

3) Have you ever been staff on an Unturned server? If so, what server.
Answer: Nope, This is my first time and i hope i promote to be Moderator or Trial-Mod im okay when im allowed to be trial, And i want to help players that need help and i want to try this staff. 

4) What timezone do you live in?
Answer: I live in Philippines and my time is GMT+8

5) How often can you get on the servers?
Answer: Everyday. And i buy Gold Upgrade for this to join this server Smile

6) How long have you played on RoboKast RP?
Answer: 1501 hours now and hopefully I will play 1501 more for the server. I have been playing on RoboKast for almost a week and i really enjoy this server so cool. Big Grin

7) Do you have discord?
Answer: Yes. name:Jom2430, Chat me when needed im always online.

8) Why should we choose you to be part of our staff?
Answer: Because i want to help players that need me and i want this role to not killing players not abusing i want this role to help players, Im gonna take care of this staff and im always active in this server and im trusted player in game and im gonna report the bad player for robbing, scamming and etc and im gonna subtitution to inactive moderator or Trial mod when have? i really really want mod or trial-mod. Smile

9) Which server do you play on the most?
Answer: Washington Semi RP 1

10) Post a link to your steam profile

Thank you and i hope i promote to be a Moderator or Trial Smile

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