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ByteC0de's Staff Application.

1) How old are you?
Answer: Right now, I am 13 years old. I've been born at the 9th December of 2003. Some of you may know, that I usually don't act like a regular 13 year old guy.

2) How many hours do you have in Unturned?
Answer: I have just 137 hours in Unturned, but im pretty familiar with the game because I've played Rust Legacy for around 500h back in the day and I have ~600h in the new Rust.

3) Have you ever been staff on an Unturned server? If so, what server.
Answer: I have helped a friend to administrate his server for around 2 weeks once and I administrate my own VPS respectively rootserver.

4) What timezone do you live in?
Answer: MESZ, GMT+2 (Germany)

5) How often can you get on the servers?
Answer: I can get on the server daily (expect of days when I have to learn a lot for school/when i'm on a birthday, restaurant, hospital/etc.) and I spend around 5 hours a day on Server #1.

6) How long have you played on RoboKast RP?
Answer: I'm playing on RoboKast since 2 months and i've been playing on the RoboKast servers since I have 60 hours of playtime.

7) Do you have discord?
Answer: Yes. Currently, I'm the 3th place of the Mee6 leaderboard of the discord server.

8) Why should we choose you to be part of our staff?
Answer: You should choose me to be part of your staff, because, since I've supported people, who wanted to buy stuff like motion design from me, a lot, I have good experience with supporting people. I can handle people, who understand very slowly, calmed and without ragequitting because they don't understand things instantly.

9) Which server do you play on the most?
Answer: I'm playing on Server #1 the most.

10) Post a link to your steam profile


I'm a 13 year old male hobby developer and I learn the languages HTML, CSS, Java & C#. Since I am 9 years old (2013), I am part of the motion & graphic design scene on YouTube and create intros. I get mad pretty quickly because I have ADHD and got bullied for that for 5 years, what kinda destroyed me (and took my believe in the humanity).

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