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NPC contest (Gangster)

NPC would be a gangster/gang member. He comes from a poor heritage and was born and raised in California. At the age of 16 he was recruited into the bloods. (a famous california gang) His recruitment entry was to find and kill a Crip(bloods gang enemy). He did so and was recruited. With the bloods he sold drugs and committed many crimes. The police were chasing him for months until he decided to move to Russia. He moved to Russia and settled down(kinda). He still sells and buys drugs(berries). He also sells gang related items including: Bandanas, Cobras, cobra mags, Bulldogs, bulldog mags, thief tops and bottoms, and civ ammo boxes. He also sells bullet proof and one way glass for a special sale. He buys civillian ammo, military knife's, civillian armor, handcuffs and GPS's. He also buys berries but only for a price of 4xp. He is located in an average sized city. He wears a black bandana, a red cap, a red sweatshirt, a red travel pack, and blue jeans. He has a very mean face and is light skin african american. When you first go up to him he'll say "Yo blood, you wanna see the stuff?" you can either choose "yea lemme see what you got."(store) or "nah man i aint buyin from no blood."(leave)
but its not so special
(12-17-2016, 11:25 PM)MasterYee0 Wrote: but its not so special

we dont need another "special" npc. I created this npc to be "not so special" The main thing it buys is berries which has been a big demand for the server for quite some time. Also it is a place for some base materials which are bulletproof and one way glass. He also sells misc. items that no other npc sells. We dont need another npc that sells special items because for that the cost for what it sells would be huge and unecessary. Yea it would be cool. "WHOA THIS badass robot dude sells hells fury and mark two shadowstalker for 10000xp!" yea its cool. but no one is gonna save up 10000 xp for a hells fury. so thats my take on the whole idea.

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