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False Ban Time

Yesterday (friday) at 5:55pm EST, i was complaining to an admin called "Vookem" for admin abuse because he was pvping with godmode on, and accused him of blowing up my base when someone was invs. i accused him of admin abuse and he said he'll ban me for one day and that i could be on tomorrow (saturday) at 5:55pm (the same time i was banned the day before). i have learned my lesson for accusing an admin for abuse like that but he said he banned me for a day, but when i tried logging on at 6pm EST, it said i was banned for about another 31440000 seconds (363 days to be exact). please tell me why i am still banned on this server for this amount of time when it was supposed to be 1 day (24 hours, 86400 seconds) not for alomost a year. 

Imgur link for picture of the message when i try logging on
Not sure if you got unbanned or not, but I just did. Sorry I took so long, worked alot this weekened. If you were not unbanned until now, then the admins don't check the list often then.

so vookem you where admin and you got banned?
(12-21-2016, 08:12 PM)MasterYee0 Wrote: so vookem you where admin and you got banned?

No I did not get banned. Was telling Apoch he was unbanned. Robo has not made any ranks for mods on the fourms yet.

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