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Kits would be good

I would like a few kits like a starter kit or something like that i think it would make it a tad bit easier for newer players. Tongue
Having kits wouldn't be a great idea. If these kits, which btw I am 100% SURE they will never add, would only at the most have a t-shirt and khaki pants and that would be it. BUT I still think having kits would be a terrible idea because the entire idea of the server is to start from nothing to everything (kind of like Robokast's Rags yo Riches Series). Even if we were given a kit that only gave us a kitchen knife or shirt, you are given a INFINITE SUPPLY of cloth and metal. No  wig there was a 24 Hour wait for these kits I would still distaste it. For example, you start shooting at this guy and he begins to bleed, he can quickly spawn in a kit, turn the clothes into cloth, make a rag, stop the bleeding, and finally come out from the cover he is hiding behind and kill out when you are off guard. This is just one example of what could happen because of these kits if they were added. More examples to come.

Examples of why kits are a BAD IDEA: 
1) Infinite metal and cloth - Kits commonly have clothing and in some cases a metal melee or gun. It would be possible to scrap these items for there raw materials which some people essentially need. Having these common yet important items could lead to overpowered people within the server. Having infinite cloth would drive down the prices of bandages and clothing repairs. In fact, the price will be driven down so much that they will be considered free. The same would happen to scrap metal required repairs, splints, and many more items. Also Keryev, aka the mine, would become completely useless for its main purpose is to go mining for metal. The free metal could also be used for base building in the middle of no where which will be overpowered. Overall, this is a bad idea. 
2) Base Defense - Lets say you're raiding a base when the home owner is online, you kill him and all of his guns are on one side of the base while his bed is on the other. When he respawns, he grabs a kit and kills you when you're not looking. 
3) Robbing Players - Now this is more of a example of what could happen rather than what is happening now. You see someone and you want their gear but don't want to kill him because you don't want a bad rep or you just have your reasons. Anyways you take all of there gear and when you sort through it he types in the command to get the kit and beats you to death with a golf club he gets from a kit or something like that.

These are just a few examples and I hope this was helpful for showing you and others why the server shouldn't have kits.
was gonna say my idea but I guess you covered almost everything

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