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Need gold to join the server

I suggest you make it so people without gold can join because a lot of people are getting mad
Hey Robo has gold so that he can help support Nelson. Also there is already a second server that supports none gold people, it's just been under maintenance and closed down at the moment. The none gold server has rocket plug in problems and didn't have enough admins to manage the server. And finally, it's only $5. You get to play this game for free and you could at the least support the man who gave you it. Also I think gold is worth it and RoboKast made a good point of the benifits and features it comes with.

If you are getting mad, then you could make your own server and spread the word to other non gold users. Your other options are to wait for the non gold server, get gold, or not play at all. Your choice.
thats why we have a second server

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