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Shop Relocation

The server has changed over the last few months and I think the current location of the shops isn't as great as it was months previous. The shops are on a very sloped mountain making it very unappealing to me. I liked it when shops were on a flat and smooth land where shops were side by side, but now they are scattered on a hill that barely gets any customers. Ever since the change I have only bought one item from there. I am hoping that you will reconsider the location and possibly move it an open area of land in between Moscow and the fire watch area. To be honest I only come on the server to see the people I have met, to survive and raid others. Although I still love the server, I have lost every aspect of RP to me and I only go to town when I'm want to talk to people rather than actually trade at shops. If you decide to not go through with this change, I am completely fine with it and I respect your decision. All I a man saying is that I liked the old towns and hope that we could go back to how the server originally was.
how about you and me work on a map together
By that do you mean make another town on a separate server or make a legit map? If you are suggesting that we should make a workshop editor map, then I've already been working on one for the last few weeks and I would be happy to show you and others the progress I have made.
legit map and do send your progress
We are going to in fact move the town during the next wipe (which will be tomorrow 12/26/16). It will still be towards the bottom of the map, but not in it's current location.

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