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China Industrial Coatings suppliers

Polyurea Coatings
Polyurea protective coatings are commonly used for the following reasons:
· Abrasion Resistance
· Corrosion Protection
· Waterproofing
· Chemical, Environment or Atmospheric Resistance
· Decoration
· Structural Enhancement
Product Description 
With the development of marine oil industry, a variety of marine oil drilling platforms occurred. Drilling platforms are usually situated in remote waters, most of which are fixed on the seabed, so it’s hard to maintain as they can’t go back to shore like ships. To make the oil exploitation proceed smoothly, insure the safety of workers and protect the marine environment, governments and oil companies from different countries made huge effort to prevent platforms from destruction. There are many varieties of anticorrosion solutions, to insure the safety of platforms, choosing a long lasting protection coating which has been strictly experimentally tested is a must. 
The coating for marine oil drilling platforms should fit for the marine environment and has the same service life with the platforms. The product has high reactivity, could spray-applied forming on curved,slope and vertical surface without sagging. It’s flexible, dense without seaming, high adhesion and impact resistance. It’s resistant to seawater and salt mist,wear resistant,anti-aging, enduring temperature from -40-120℃. No peeling and cracking when long term immersion in the seawater, no pulverization against the collision in marine atmosphere. The coating could help the platforms achieve a service life of 50 years above.
China Industrial Coatings suppliers

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