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Rc Drops With Fights And checks

i Got this cool idea and it is called RCDrop like Airdrop But it Drops Rc in it and it drops 1 time a week or u guys can chouse when like 2 times ... with rc in it drops in towns (such as zavod / mili base...) and players fight for it i like to call it the fight for the rcdrop and the drop shouldn't have alot of rc's like 10 to 20 rc's and it can be a crate and rc's in it and red smoke or any coler around it so they fight for it or it can be hidden if it has alot of rc's it better if it is 1 a week and annouce it on steam groupe its like event and it will be cool if u add checks like 10rc u can add a check of 100rc that will be cool like for big deals thats it and i hope u liked my ideas and my staff aplicaton cya  Big Grin
100 sounds like too much would destroy the economy real quick
yeah or it can be 30 like evry week it will be cool
[Image: backgrounder.png]
Actually, POTATO_ and some of the other admins have created an arena on server #1. In this arena you play with a team, and if you win, you get some RoboCoins. Maybe we should do one of these on every server Big Grin

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