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Bank [Because why not]

Self-explanatory? Well, not yet....

We've already had 'banks', except those banks shouldn't be banks at all.
Therefore our only safest way to keep items safe is no other than the 2 /warp shops.

[and gee you can see how good that is....]

To me, shops are like tickets to keep good loot away from raiders and pesky 'pros'. Yet it's been quite abusive in the past. 
Imagine, your base been raided. Lost all the best equipment you could ever have. You know who did this and you wanted REVENGE. Except they don't have a base....

They own a damn shop. 

It's impossible to get them back due to the amount of RC you need to collect. And there's no absolute way to raid their shop of theirs. Even if you try to abuse the safe zone... None or less, you press Esc and wait ten seconds till you finally leave the server....

Now that what every ###hole wanted right?
Let some pro leave so you can celebrate with all your crap huh?

Not until the wipe happens.

Except the for entire RKG community, the wipe is what they want to avoid. But to me, if you want a 2 month to 3-month wipe. You have no choice but to give up instead...


I've had this idea already before robocoins were recrafted and recrafted again... And although there is an existing NPC 'bank' I would suggest building a physical bank. Or a storage bank within a safe zone. Since some people have the privilege and experience to buy a shop. Why not let people have the privilege of buying a storage unit. However, there's a twist...

Integrating the reputation system. Anyone who has -40 reputations or above is allowed to buy and claim a storage unit [size will vary]
that way, people already collecting a crap ton of loot before will have to be punished by being 'nice' to people in order to get a storage unit. Even if a person who currently has a storage unit and has a villain status and etc is still allowed to keep the storage. So we wouldn't have that many crybabies...

Rules comply to the bank in a similar way to shops. However, the rules could be presented as:

1. Extra storage containers are not allowed past the maximum [size will vary]
2. Caught stealing or grabbing other player's equipment from their storage without authorization is immediately kicked or banned

and ETC. I'm not an admin though so the rules are up to them...

FAQ [pewdiepie impression]
"but foxy, I own a ####ing shop yet can I get more storage for my shop?"

I'm afraid that the storage inside every single shop would have to be obsolete. If any accessories [apart from torches, flares or presented storage] and extra storage lockers are still inside your shop. You'll eventually be evicted and the admins wouldn't give you a refund. However, you can own a shop and a storage unit if you want. Since that's the only storage you can get except one locker in your shop to keep your robo coins in. As well as the plaques and etc...

"Oh foxy, you're such a ####ing ##### why would I need to get these ####y storage units..."

That's the only general storage [apart from the shop] you can access. Unless you can buy it that is. This would fix the problem with the storage problems within safezones....

that pretty good idea
Sounds like an interesting idea, I will talk it over with the other staff member and see what the outcome is.
we had a "bank" on the old server so I can see what your trying to say

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