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Druack's Moderator Application.

1) How old are you? (14+)
Answer: I am 14 turning 15 in March.

2) How many hours do you have in Unturned?
Answer: 442

3) Have you ever been staff on an Unturned server? If so, what server.
Answer: I have been a moderator on Pandahut#21 for around 4 months.

4) What timezone do you live in?
Answer: Eastern Time (US/Canada)

5) How often can you get on the server?
Answer: I can get on the server daily for 6-8 hours. When I finish my schoolwork, Or I'm not at my dads.

6) How long have you played on RoboKast RP?
Answer: I have played on the server for about a month now.

7) Do you have discord?
Answer: Yes PM if needed.

8) Why should we choose you as admin?
Answer: I think I should be chosen as a moderator because of my hard work dedication and experience I have with this server and  these types of servers. I spend most of my time on RP servers and actually really enjoy playing them and being apart and helping the community out in any possible way.

9) Do you have Unturned gold?
Answer: Yes

10) Post a link to your steam profile

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